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About Us

ICAG is an acronym for "International Christian Ambassadors of God."

The Organisation was founded in Europe, but now has its headquarters in Singapore. There are currently Chapters in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Philippines, and India. There are also members in Switzerland, Estonia, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Israel.

ICAG is a Fellowship of God's people, consisting of ministers, churches, ministries, fellowships, and house groups uniting in Christian love and fellowship for the spread of the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ world-wide. It also unites and collaborates with all Christian communities and organisations of like mind. It is a global body that maintains and fosters universal relations with other ecumenical bodies. It believes in the Apostolic Succession, centred in Christ the Lord, with the gift of the Holy Spirit through Whom the apostolic anointing is released to believers and ministers and to the body of Christ as a whole [Acts 2:17-24, 36-39; John 14:12, 17:20-23; Luke 22:29].

ICAG promotes, supports, and strengthens missions and evangelism in compliance with the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ [Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-20], following the footsteps of the early apostles, and submitting to the apostolic anointing of the Holy Spirit's demonstration of His power with miracles, signs and wonders to confirm God's word [Acts 4:33, 5:12-16, 8:4-8]. It takes a keen interest in encouraging and supporting its members to carry out the tasks of spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, feeding God's flock, and looking after their churches and ministries. Their interests and well-being are given first priority because ICAG believes that their success is for the body as a whole.

 ICAG believes in unity in the body of Christ [John 17:20-23] and true Christian love in compliance with the Lord's command, "This is My commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" [John 15:12-13]. ICAG protects and promotes the interests of its members locally, nationally, and overseas. It equips and empowers ministers in the work of the Master.

Leadership Profiles

Patriarch - Archbishop Dr Eugene Owen M Ed D Min.

Principle and Superintendent of ICAG and presides over it’s affairs. Because of his outstanding zeal in pioneering missions and evangelism, he also occupies the position of Director General in World Missions an Evangelism, and Chairman of the World Council of Ministers for Missions and Evangelism. Also in his portfolio are Founder and Advisor of the Episcopal Renewal Ministries and Philippine Episcopal Church, Philippines.

International President - Bs. Brian Whitehurst.

Responsible for all ICAG matters within Australia and has the authority to confirm appointments and to obtain suitably qualified persons according to the overall directives of ICAG. Brian is also an advisor to the main body of ICAG and sits on the International Council. He has over twenty five years experience in pastoral work and has travelled and preached in many countries conducting seminars and crusades. He is the author of many instructional books and is Founder of Southland Mission Outreach and M & B Ministries.

Secretary General  - Rev Nigel Boatman

Rev. Nigel A Boatman, was following the Bangalore Conference last year, requested to become our new Secretary General.  Born again at 13 years of age he has or most of his life he has been involved in Christian  activities including his years in the  Market place. Following a brief time in Insurance he spent 23 years with British Airways working both in the UK and overseas. Later had his own consultancy in Singapore and whilst there became  the Executive Director of a Marketing Association.

He first met Archbishop Eugene and the late Bishop Diana, in Baguio City, Philippines where they were missionaries together and where he founded the ‘Christ Centre’ – a resource centre for Believers, before passing the work on and moving to Singapore. In Singapore Nigel was involved in running the weekly meeting in The Garden Hotel, where he first met President Brian Whitehouse, and was a founder of ICCC in Southern Asia.

Nigel has stood with Archbishop Eugene Owen and ICAG over many years, has been the Moderator of many of their International Conferences and is now seeking to build it internationally. Though based in Malaysia he maintains his membership of his church, Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Westminster, London.